["45348390371546[**]false[**]Carton 20 lbs \/ Rouge","45348390437082[**]false[**]Carton 20 lbs \/ Italienne","45348390469850[**]true[**]boite 15 \/ Beef Rouge","45376661782746[**]true[**]Casseau mix x 15 \/ cerise","45376661815514[**]true[**]casseau rouge x 12 \/ cerise","45376661848282[**]true[**]casseau mix vrac \/ cerise"] Carton 20 lbs / Rouge
Carton 20 lbs / Italienne
boite 15 / Beef Rouge
Casseau mix x 15 / cerise
casseau rouge x 12 / cerise
casseau mix vrac / cerise
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Did you know that tomato belongs to the same family as potatoes? Indeed, the tomato is a fruit that is eaten like a vegetable belonging to the nightshade family!

Did you know that the tomato comes from South America? It was discovered around the 16th century and named by the Aztecs “tomatl”. It crosses the Atlantic shortly after, arrives in southern Europe and is called “apple of gold” by the Italians and “apple of love” by the Provençals.

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