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Radish leaf

Radish leaf

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Did you know that the leaves of the radishare edible? Indeed, whether it is red radish (the most widespread in Quebec), black, pink, purple, Daikon, etc., its leaves are cooked like spinach.

Did you know that the radish has crossed all areas of time while changing over the course of its journey? It was part of the menu of the Babylonians and Egyptians more than 4000 years ago, it served as an offering to the god Apollo among the Greeks, it was recommended by Charlemagne to his subjects for its excellent root and it was eaten "croque au sel". during the Middle Ages. With the Age of Enlightenment, black radish was introduced in France (but only consumed 200 years later) and in the 18th century, red made its appearance.


Radish is available all year round, but its season is from March to June, when its flavors are at their peak. Choose your radishes with firm, shiny roots and very green tops.


Ideally consume your radishes the same day. Otherwise, refrigerate them in the crisper drawer for up to five days.


Radishes are ready in no time. Wash them, remove their tops and remove the rootlets. To waste nothing, chop the tops and add them to your soups and salads. Eat your young radishes raw and cook or pickle your older ones. In any case, recommend quick cooking in a wok, pan, steamer or BBQ.

Stay healthy

Like leek, radish helps eliminate waste from the body. It is low in sodium and high in potassium, which makes it naturally diuretic. It is a good source of vitamin B9 (cell renewal) and vitamin C (immune system, collagen formation, nervous system and iron absorption). It is also very rich in water which gives it an appetite suppressant role.

For 125 ml (½ cup) of < /span>raw radish, sliced ​​(61 g):

  • Calories 10 kcal
  • Carbs 2.1g
  • Dietary fiber 1g (4%)
  • Vitamin C 9.1g (10%)
  • Folate 15µg (4%)
  • Potassium 143mg (3%)
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