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The leek is a plant that tolerates cold well and can resist frost. In the field, it can reach 1 m in height. Did you know that there are three species of leeks in Quebec? The difference between them is the color shade of the foliage: the summer leek has light green foliage, the autumn one dark green and the winter one very dark green, almost bluish.

Did you know that leeks are perfect for babies from 6 months old? Mix the white part of the leek, sweeter in taste and easier to digest, with the potato and your baby will be delighted!


The leek season is in the winter and its early varieties come out in the spring, but it is possible to buy them all year round. Opt for leeks with firm stems, glossy white, no brownish spots and green, smooth, moist leaves. Choose between large and small leeks depending on your taste: they are equally tender.


Store your early leeks in the crisper drawer of the fridge for a week and your winter leeks for up to two weeks. Blanch then put in the freezer the leek that you want to keep for several months.


Wash your leek well, pulling the leaves aside to remove any dirt and sand residue. Get rid of its root, then cut it into the shape of your choice (juliennes, rings, sections, etc.). While the young leek is more tender, it is eaten raw, while the winter leek is usually cooked. 10 minutes in boiling water or steam and 15 minutes in a pan or wok is enough to soften the green or white leek.

Stay healthy

Leeks are the ideal vegetable to eliminate waste from the body. Rich in potassium and low in sodium, it has naturally diuretic properties. It activates and regulates intestinal transit thanks to the soluble fibers contained in its white part. Leek is also an excellent source of vitamin B9 (cell renewal), vitamin B6 (nervous system, energy, protein synthesis), vitamin C (immune system, collagen formation, iron absorption), pro-vitamin A and antioxidants.
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