["42999644258522[**]false[**]Carton 5 lb \/ Chili","42999644291290[**]false[**]Carton 5 lb \/ Cubanelle","42999644324058[**]false[**]Carton 5 lb \/ Finger hot","42999644356826[**]false[**]Carton 5 lb \/ Jalapeno","42999644389594[**]false[**]Carton 5 lb \/ Habanero","42999644422362[**]false[**]Carton 5 lb \/ Hongrois","45290404643034[**]false[**]carton 25 lb \/ Cubanelle"] Carton 5 lb / Chili
Carton 5 lb / Cubanelle
Carton 5 lb / Finger hot
Carton 5 lb / Jalapeno
Carton 5 lb / Habanero
Carton 5 lb / Hongrois
carton 25 lb / Cubanelle
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Did you know that peppers, the name given to the plant and its fruit, all have their spiciness in common? Indeed, the pungent flavor of peppers is due to a common molecule, capsaicin. But not all peppers have the same degree of spiciness. They are rated on the Scoville scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being mild and 10 being extremely hot, based on their capsaicin content.

Did you know that peppers are native to Central America? Indeed, archaeological finds have traced the earliest traces of chili peppers back 7,000 years in Mexico. The Mayas and the Aztecs consumed pepper both for its food qualities and for its medicinal properties. Among the Incas, pepper was sacred.


Fresh, pick your peppers meaty and wilt-free. Dried, avoid any traces of mold.


There are different methods for storing peppers. You can freeze them, can them, or salt them (brine).


Take the right precautions when handling your peppers and above all, do not touch your eyes.
Generally, halve the chilli lengthwise and remove the seeds. Then rinse and cut into strips or cook whole, depending on your recipe.

Stay healthy

Capsaicin is said to have the ability to lower excess cholesterol and reduce blood pressure. It would also have a protective effect on the stomach lining. Plus, all peppers are exceptionally high in vitamin C and antioxidants.
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