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Sac 25 lb / Rouge / Gros
Sac 25 lb / Rouge / Moyen
Sac 10 lb / Jaune / Régulier
Sac 50 lb / Jaune / Régulier
Sac 10 x 5 lb / Jaune / Régulier
Sac 24 x 2 lb / Jaune / Régulier
Sac 50 lb / Espagnol / Gros
Sac 50 lb / Espagnol / Colossal
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Did you know that onion is a universal herb? In fact, onions are found in kitchens all over the world. Its flavors, its shape, its size vary according to its provenance, the climate in which it grows and the variety to which it belongs.

Do you know why some people react badly to onion? The onion is a fermentable food thanks to its inulin content, which can cause digestive discomfort in some people suffering from irritable bowel, for example. In this case, it is preferable to limit its consumption


Onion can be obtained all year round, but its season is from September to April. Opt for firm onions with shiny layers that are free of blemishes and sprouts.


Always store your onion away from light and in a dry place so as not to anticipate its germination. Keep the “primeur” onions in the fridge for a week.


Peel the onion first, then chop, chisel or slice it as desired. With a good knife and a deft knack, the onion is quickly ready to serve. To work the onion without crying, peel it under water or place it in the freezer for a few minutes to limit the volatility of the molecule responsible for stinging the eyes. Cook until the onion is translucent.

Stay healthy

Onions contain many antioxidant polyphenols. It is rich in vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B9 and fiber. It is an invigorating food that has antiseptic and anti-infectious properties.

For 125 ml (½ cup) of yellow onion boiled ground (111 g)

  • Calories 49 kcal
  • Carbs 11.3g
  • Dietary Fiber 1.9g (7%)
  • Folate 17µg (4%)
  • Vitamin B6 0.143mg (8%)
  • Manganese 0.17mg (7%)
  • Potassium 184mg (4%)
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