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Did you know that the word "blackberry" refers to the fruit duMorus , a tree grown in Europe, the United States and Asia for its berries, as well as for raising silkworms? However, in popular parlance, "mulberry" also refers to the fruits of several thorny subshrubs of the genus Rubus, synonym of bramble, which comes from classical Latinrûmex which means "sting" in reference to the thorns of the plant.

Did you know that Native Americans dried blackberries or preserved them in fat seal or another fatty substance? These Nordic people highly valued them and consumed them for their high vitamin C content.


Avoid crushed or bruised berries. If you buy them in trays, remember to check the condition of the fruits below, which are more likely to be crushed.


Blackberries are fragile fruits and should therefore be stored with care and consumed soon after purchase or harvest. Place your blackberries in the refrigerator without crowding them. They also support freezing very well.


Blackberries can be eaten raw or cooked. Wash them, then cook them over very low heat.

Stay healthy

Blackberry has countless health benefits. It is a diuretic: it hydrates, refreshes and treats urinary tract infections, gout and cystitis. It is a laxative: it contains fibers (17 g/100g) which regulate transit, suppress parasites, reduce inflammation and burns in the stomach and intestines. It is a very good anti-inflammatory and a very good antioxidant. It contains vitamin C (32 mg/100g), vitamin E, which slow down early aging and protect the body from attacks by contributing to the functioning of the immune system. It is an anti-carcinogenic: its antioxidants limit the anarchic proliferation of cancer cells. It contains iron (2.3 mg/100 g). It is recommended in case of anemia. Thanks to its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, it accelerates the healing process.
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